Players that are absolutely toxic to playing the game what can be done about them??

Everyone has to deal with the assholes, trolls, spamming, and zero teamwork players. However there is one individual I want to put on blast "FollowMeOrPerish". This person….. I have personally had the awful experience of playing with in a spread of six games over three seasons!!! All of which were in a Rank Queue and he does this to everyone.. There are videos of my friends getting the same terrible ordeal, clipping them to showcase into discord "WTF is this matchmaking dude".

He will go solo drop at bunker every single time and type into chat "Follow me or else" "Follow me or perish", and ping bunker on the map. As jumpmaster he will take the team there as well, it doesn't matter if the team asks to go another spot or a bunch of other teams land there or he isn't jumpmaster then a quick solo drop.. Each game it's bunker and spam the hell out of going there. After landing he just loots and takes his pathfinder onto the high rock that is on the southside of Bunker river and sit there at the top all game. This person has a mic but doesn't use it, this person doesn't ever want to play with his teammates or enjoy anything else but this strategy. Anytime there is an enemy or downed, or dies, then it's spamming your ears off.

There are tons of toxicity in gaming, even I am a terrible person and ragey but there comes a time that everyone should try to be a better person and teammate. Put others before yourself.


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