Please help me out….

Please help, guys I’m sorry to do this and ask this, but I lost my income due to covid-19 and the lockdown. I’m stuck at home with not many options. I’ve had a YouTube channel for a awhile but I’ve never focused on it cause I never had to time, well now since we in lockdown and I have no source of income or a job. I have the time and I’m hoping I can get somewhere with YouTube, I know it will take a really long time to get to the point where I can make a living but there isn’t much else I can do now during the lockdown, so if you guys could I would really appreciate if you guys could sub to my channel! Would mean the world to me!! link below. I really don’t like myself right now for posting this cause I didn’t ever like the idea but desperate times I guess… thanks to everyone that’s always so nice and friendly on here!


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