Possible solution for next level of evo confusion

So you know when you go to loot someone and you swap armor its impossible to tell which is closer to the next tier unless you swap them in and out checking each time which is a pain. What the devs could add is that whenever you pick up armor it adopts your current damage values and how much you need to the next tier. This means that if you have a purple thats 200 damage off of red and you pick up a purple that was 400 till red then the armor you pick up would be 200 damage off, then the armor in the loot box would revert back to 400 to replicate the armor in the box meaning that there would be still the same values on the armors but just swapped. Also if you had a blue and switched to purple even if it was 100 damage off it would be at the default damage till red. To stop people from just dropping their armor and picking up a new one if you had no armor at all it would also stay at the base damage till next upgrade. This way you would still be able to get better armor from ground loot of loot boxes but you would still be able to armor swap without having to worry about getting a worse evo. This would also add a cool aspect of you being able to basically level up your own unique evo throughout the game.

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