Probably going to switch to something else

I know a ton of posts on this already, but I played a few games for the first time tonight and I’m over it. In my eyes,
-new map encourages too much sniping (if I want that I’ll go play PUBG), the open space with cover made for some great gunfights
-everyone holds out for devo/volt and energy ammo, most of the other guns are useless (shotguns are useless since it’s rare anyone is in close quarters)
-rotating craft guns is awful, as is the entire craft meta
-movement is far less important now than it was before, now it’s just sit and wait to get an angle to snipe or to push for the 3rd party

This was my favorite game by a long shot even in season 5. But now I’ll get more into Tarkov and a few others. I waited a week to play assuming that they’d correct the mistake with the devo, but here we are with a game that has dramatically dropped off this season.

Makes me a bit sad. Bring back season 3 and just call season 6 a loss.

And if you like season 6–I’m happy for you. But I am still lamenting the loss of what to me was a really fun game.


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