Ever since season 5 started, it feels like things are happening, things that aren't supposed to happen just to be clear. So I'm shooting some legend along the way and I manage to knock them down, a good 2 seconds later a caustic jumps from the roof of a building I'm standing next to right smack dab in front of me, he caught me off guard but in my head it's fine I'm gonna laser this guy and finish off his last squad member and continue with my game.

So I start shooting, I'm missing a lot more shots than I would've liked to, and I'm paying very close attention to the person I'm shooting and noticed he hasn't LEGITIMATELY shot in my general direction, he's just panic spraying and shooting around me and barely hitting me, but he's doing so much damage I count maybe his last 2-3 shots before I get knocked, from what I could see, 0% of the shots you know, made contact with me, my teammates managed to kill him and I was able to continue further in the match. But this wasn't the last time it happened, the very next game I'm on top of this building and there's caustic again being a pest like always, he seems to have a spitfire, and like I always do I'm scanning real hard, another panic spraying barely looking at me while shooting be doing so much damage, before I die I can't the last few shots before I die and they seemingly go right over my shoulder and by my head. Which means they didn't touch me.

It's happened so many other times prior to today but a just raged to myself but I'm extremely confused by what's going on. (I'm a Bangalore main btw, is there some sort of broking hit box thing I haven't seen or something because I don't know)Basically my question is…is this a problem for anyone else because I can't seem to wrap my head around, this whole this entire season has just seemingly been filled with anger and confusion because I was looking forward to this season so much, and now there's these stupid bugs and problems that have just been screaming at me "Don't play this game" "It's broken" "It's bugged" but I want to play the game it's fun, or at least it used to be


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