R301 + EVA8 is the ultimate endgame loadout, hear me out

Lets start with the EVA. With a purple bolt this is the highest DPS world spawn weapon in the game. The peacekeeper is better close range when you can peek, you can deal a ton of damage while receiving very little. But face to face the EVA8 will own an R99. But the main benefit over the R99 is that you can run all game with a single stack of ammo. This means FAR more room for nades and if you want an extra sight for the R301.

If you've played more than 20 minutes of Apex I don't need to sell you on the R301. High DPS low recoil workhorse with better ADS movement speed than an LMG. When kitted you can throw the 2-4x or 3x on it and laser people from far away. Generally I run it with the 2x if I'm not sight swapping. The purple sights can get you in trouble at close range.

I love using the wingman and there are other endgame viable guns, but this loadout is the GOAT.

Edit: should have titled this unpopular opinion lol

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c0pp46/r301_eva8_is_the_ultimate_endgame_loadout_hear_me/

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