Random queue 101: how to not be a shitty team mate.

I've been solo queueing since season 1 and in my experience there are way to many shitty random team mates in Apex Legends. I just died for the 5th time today because my random team mates were terrible. So I sat down and made a list. A "how to not be a shitty team mate" list. This list is for you experience players that need to take a hard long look at yourself or for you new players that wants to learn. Sorry for the long post, but I had a lot to say.

This post will probably be buried in new, but if I can make even one of you become a better random, I'm happy. So without any further ado and in no particular order, just the order in which I thought of it, here's my list of guid lines on not being a shitty random team mate.

  1. Don't quit just because you didn't get your legend.
  2. Don't quit when you get downed. Give your squad a chance to bring you back.
  3. If you respawn your team mate, help him! Don't loot the boxes next to the respawn beacon, ping armor if you see it and ping death boxes. If there are no weapons available, give him one of yours. Two guys with one gun are better than one guy with two and one with none. And for god's sake, give him som spare heals!!
  4. Don't run after your team mate and try to yoink stuff out of the bins he opens. You take one bin, he takes the other.
  5. If you're jump master, make suggestions on where to land and if someone on your team pings somewhere and you agree: PING TO CONFIRM. Never jump out without letting your team know where you're going.
  6. If you're not jump master, disengage from the jump master before landing. Don't land in the same spot. most spots do not contain enough loot for two (or three) people.
  7. Ping where you're landing so you can land close by each other, but not in the same spot.
  8. Don't run away from your team. either you're gonna meet a team, be at a disadvantage and die or your team will. Either way, no one's having a good time.
  9. RES BEFORE YOU LOOT. Looting before ressing is a good way to get clapped by a third party.
  10. If your team mate resses you before he loots, don't do your best to grab all the best loot. You're team mate ressed you instead of grabbing that purple armor and purple extended mag for himself. Maybe let him have it? Don't give people incentives to be shitty team mates.
  11. That being said, If your team mate downs two and hurts the third, before being downed himself, and you kill the last guy with one shot. Don't be a dick and take all the good loot from the people he killed. Even before or after you ress him.
  12. Also, if your team mate solo kills a guy with gold armor and you yoink it, you're not only a shitty team mate, you're a shitty person. Same goes for most other good items, but especially gold armor.
  13. If your team mate says "let's go that way", ping to confirm. Same goes for enemies spotted.
  14. Even if you're low on heals, give your team mate heals and shields if he needs it.
  15. If your team mate has no shields and you have more than 2 shield batteries. Give him 1 (or 2 even). Don't throw out 8 shield cells. The last thing you want is fighting a squad solo because your team mate is hiding, spending 3,5 hours putting on one and one shield cell.
  16. If you die, DON'T SPAM PING YOUR BANNER OR THE BEACON. Honestly, if you do this, you don't deserve to get respawned. Trying to fight a squad when you're already a man down with PING PING PING PING in your ear is the worst.
  17. You know what? Just don't spam ping. EVER.
  18. If you can respawn your team mate right away, do so right away. Especially if the ring i coming and there is limited time for your team mate to get back to his death box.
  19. If your team mate need ammo, for god's sake give the man some ammo.
  20. In the early game, if your team mate is being shot at, don't keep lotting. Grab that RE-45 and get in there.
  21. If you're a good player, maybe feel out where your team wants to go before hot dropping Scrapitol or Skulltown with your "4 wins in season 3 Caustic" and your "26 kills Bangalore".

While writing my list, I thought of some things that will not necessarily make you a bad team mate if you don't do them, but will make you an exceptionally good random team mate if you do. So here's the "If you don't do this, it's fine, but if you do, a random person on the internet who you will never see or meet will think that you're a pretty cool dude" list.

  1. If you have a scout with a purple extended mag and your team mate has a R99 with none, give him the extended mag. A purple mag on a scout or not is the difference between maybe having the extra bullet to down a guy 200ft away or not. A purple mag or not on an R99 is the difference between life or death.
  2. If your Lifeline, give away the gold armor. You already have 25% faster heals. Give it to someone in need of it.
  3. Give the gold helmet to your Pathfinder. (You might disagree on this, but in my opinion, Pathfinder is the legend that has the greatest use for a gold helmet).
  4. Give the golden bag to Lifeline or Gibby
  5. If you notice your team mate is using a Havoc, consider using a gun with a different ammo type. While not as scarce as it once was, energy ammo can still be hard to come by.
  6. If you're Wraith, use your portal to rescue a downed team mate.
  7. If you're Pathfinder, set up zip lines for your team mate. Perhaps your chunky friend Gibby is trying to outrun the ring. Give your brother a lift.

And that's my list. These are alle the things I could think of that will make you a "not shitty" team mate or an exceptional team mate. I'm sure there are some things that should be on both lists, that I didn't think of. If you have some worthy additions, please leave them as a comment.

Finally, as reddit law dictates, I must inform you that English is my second language and therefore, any and all mistakes that may be found contained within this post cannot be laid at my feet.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/fysjgb/random_queue_101_how_to_not_be_a_shitty_team_mate/

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