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As Ranked playlist progresses, you're obviously supposed to go against harder and harder opponents unless you're the GOAT, which believe it or not some of YOU might be. Anyways, does anyone else feel like they're progressing steadily personally like getting better as you play? Do you feel challenged in your quest to be Apex Predator? Does anyone like the meta? Or think it needs to be changed? Do you think that your teammates play their legends in all of their glory? or do you think that they aren't using their abilities and ultimates properly? Do you think there should be a new call out in the ping system telling them to pop ult and to which location? And vic versa of letting them know where you're popping yours or even just their ability? In ranked it would help a lot for that to be added, don't you guys think so? Hit me with all your questions on ranked, all your answers, and all your statements I'll be monitoring this post all night! LET ME KNOW!

Ps – PS4 RANKED Diamond

(also start with your system i.e PS4;XBOX;PC and maybe you can find some like minded individuals on your system looking for someone to run with!)

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