Ranked Lost Forgiveness: Appropriate Reward

So, unless I missed it, on the initial release of ranked I was receiving no loss forgiveness for disconnections or missing teammates.

Recently, this has changed, thank you.

Having just played a game whereby I began with only one other teammate, who disconnected before launch, I thought I’d land Skulltown and maybe try and get some kills at least for a point or two on top of my loss forgiveness.

What transpired was 2 quick kills before I was overwhelmed. Upon exiting, I received no loss forgiveness and 2 points for my kills, which set me to zero (I’m in Gold).

I would argue that it’d be fair to award me 2 points for these kills on top of my loss forgiveness, for being able to get anything without a full team. Not to mention, kills obviously only award me a maximum of 5 points, which for an average player who will be happy with Platinum would be a tough ask.

I’m not saying apply this across every rank necessarily, albeit I would personally be ok with that, though I would say other with high skill ceilings would say otherwise.

What say you Reddit.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ci9laz/ranked_lost_forgiveness_appropriate_reward/

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