Ranked Mode: An Entirely Different Apex Experience with New Content (Concept)

Respawn has stated that the game was built around the premise of a three-man squad game. After testing solos and duos, they see this as the best option. That's okay, but we need to buff some things out, and ranked mode is the way to go.

I'm not a professional gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but after logging over 100 hours in the game, getting matched up with newer players is not only disheartening for me, a team player who understands that communication is essential in this game, but also for the lower levels who get decimated by a high level team that's actually communicating with one another.

Ranked could do with new features and new loot to mix up the meta.

Gameplay Mechanics and Rewards

The current meta can get a little stale, and there are undoubtedly mutual things that aggravate all of us, such as teammates looting our kills before we get to the death boxes, and lack of communication. Not only that, but you can finally get a new currency that isn't 85% earned by play time.

  • Locked Death Boxes: Whoever nabs the kill has the right to the crate for the first fifteen seconds after the target has died, at which point the chest is open to other players. In the event that this player is knocked before those fifteen seconds are up, the death box becomes available to the other teammates so they can gear up and heal before engaging in the new fight.

  • Ping vs. Microphone: Have two different ranked options. Both require the same rank/level, but one channel requires a microphone to be connected to game chat to hop into matchmaking. Incur a 30-second "Return to the game chat" warning if the player disconnects their microphone or joins a private party.

  • Abandoned Tokens: Currency gained only through ranked, for specific seasonal cosmetics. One structured shop with one batch of cosmetics each season, with no cap on earning Abandoned Tokens, so the player can receive as many cosmetic rewards based on their skill an involvement. Tokens could be achieved through skill and not just time. Every 500 damage, kill, and ten minutes of playtime garners one token. For instance, a 20-minute game with 2,000 damage and 5 kills would give the player 11 tokens.

  • Early Leave Ban: We saw this sort of launch and we know it's a background process, but a five-minute temp ban for leaving early would promote better teamwork. Ban is not applicable if respawn beacon times out. After the third five-minute ban, it increases by five minutes per leave and resets every day.

  • Savage Tracker: Any player with six or more kills gets a "Savage Tracker," or bounty placed on them. They are visible on the map. Their marker changes once every ten seconds depending on location, giving others an advantage, but also not giving a real-time update so you aren't completely ruining the experience for the Savage. There can be multio

  • Savage Blood: Whoever has a Savage Tracker on them gets a 10% reduction in damage, and a 10% increase in movement speed. Caustics and Gibraltars become tanks, while Octanes and Bangalores become speed demons. Speed increases affect Pathfinder grapple travel, Wraith phase time, and Bloodhound's ultimate.

  • Pack Streaks: You've won a single match of ranked; you get a sense of accomplishment, but now you're also on a Pack Streak. For a three-win streak in ranked, you get an Apex pack. On your fifth win streak, you get an Apex pack. Seventh streak, you get an epic Apex pack. On your tenth, you get a legendary pack. Your streak doesn't end, but there are no more rewards after this point until you lose your streak and have to start again.

Loot and Customized Armor

New loot and gear, as well as armor to effectively counteract it. Choose between greater protection from gunfire, or even better mobility and protection from, ahem, independent variables.

  • Tear Gas: 10 second duration, 5 seconds of effect after gas grenade has expired. Slows movement and look speed by 20%, blurs vision.

  • Nerve Gas: 2 damage per tick, 15 second duration. Slows by 20%, causes slight camera shake even while standing still.

  • Hazmat Armor: 50% protection of body armor (25 for white, 37 for blue, 50 for purple). Removes damage effect and slowing effect of nerve gas, removes slowing effect of tear gas. Does not remove camera shake or blurred vision. Different visual indicator when you hurt someone with this armor.

  • Hazmat Helmet: 50% protection from headshot damage (15% for white, 20% for blue, 25% for purple). Removes blurry vision and camera shake from tear gas and nerve gas, respectively. Different visual indicator when you hurt someone with this helmet.

  • Escape Artist Armor: 50% protection of body armor (25 for white, 37 for blue, 50 for purple). 20% faster movement speed on all legends except Bangalore and Octane. Octane receives a 10% boost, while Bangalore gets a 15% boost. Stackable with abilities.

  • Cluster Bomb: Bull-roarer-like device that tosses three small explosives. Each deal 40% damage of frag grenades.

  • Breach Bomb: Plant on the inside or outside of a door. If accessed from the other side, 1.5 seconds until explosion. There will an an audible trigger. Shorter range than a frag grenade, can deal up to 75 damage. Will activate if doors are kicked down. Perfect anti-camper device.

  • Hurt Armor: 75% protection of body armor (37 for white, 56 for blue, 75 for purple). 30% reduction in explosion damage, 50% reduction in slowing effect from arc stars. 10% reduction in movement speed. Great for the late game.

  • Hurt Helmet: 50% protection from headshot damage (15% for white, 20% for blue, 25% for purple). 20% damage reduction from overhead explosions (grenades that go off too early), Bangalore's airstrike and Gibraltar's airstrike.

  • Audio Pulse: Short-range grenade that makes a sound when it goes off, creates a blanket of silence for five seconds. Toss through a window prior to planting breach bombs on doors.

  • Holster: Replaces knockdown shield entirely. Allows you to carry a P2020 or a Mozambique as a third weapon. You receive the benefit of having a third gun to swap to in a drawn-out gunfight, but have zero protection of being thirsted once you're downed. RE-45 and Wingman are not compatible. If one of your primary weapons are a P2020 or Mozambique, akimbo option is unlocked (similar to switching to single-fire mode on the 301, for instance).

  • Wire Cutter: Allows you to sever player-made ziplines to lock down an area. Takes 3.5 seconds to use, meaning short-range player-made ziplines that are freshly laid down are still viable. Explicitly does not work on pre-configured ziplines.

Weapon Attachments

Barrel stabilizers and digital threat scopes are good, but some weapons are left in the dark (you'll get it in a minute). This would mix things up for players with different styles, without revamping the entire core mechanic of the game and DPS system.

  • Serpent Sight: Similar to the digital threat, but built for assault rifles and LMGs. Night vision 1X scope for use in new map areas and/or day/night visual changes.

  • Suppressor: Replaces barrel stabilizer on pistols and SMGs only. Cannot be used on assault rifles, LMGs or sniper rifles. Has a 15% negative effect to firing stability. Get close to use this effectively. This way, Serpent Sight and a suppressor cannot be combined.

  • Tapered Mag (Light): Replaces extended mag slot. Allows for 35% faster reload, but limits you to the basic magazine that comes standard with the weapon.

  • Bash Pad: Augment available for weapons that cannot have a suppressor or barrel stabilizer. Attaches like a short bayonet beneath the bullet's exit point. Offers enhanced melee at 45 damage with that gun. Excellent to finish off fights where your mag runs dry and you've been monitoring the enemy's remaining health.

  • Sniper Stand: Replaces extended mag on Longbow DMR and G7 Scout. Reduces sway and increases reload time by 10% when crouched. No effect while standing.

Before you take a dump on me

This is just me adding to the community with some ideas to discuss. I fully expect people to shred me for mechanical imbalances in some of the ideas or tell me about how game-breaking this is. This isn't me saying "ThE gAmE iS bRoKeN OmG" or anything along those lines. That being said, fire away if you wish.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bu40pj/ranked_mode_an_entirely_different_apex_experience/

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