Ranked needs a change next season

I know this has been repeatedly said but the current system just doesn't work. It makes the game thoroughly unenjoyable. On PS4 at the least, I rarely see someone who isn't diamond 4 or predator. There's rarely rarely a 3, 2 or 1.

What this means to me is that for the majority, obviously some people slay out all the time and just will be at the top no matter what, of the people who are of the skill level of predator that put in enough time to hit predator right as ranked started were smart to do so because once the diamond lobbies got filled out it turned into a campy shitfest that turns into pure loot and circle rng.

Meaning, once these lobbies got filled out, yeah you might win one or two consecutively, but everyone is as good as you and you might get multiple matches afterward where you get nothing in terms of loot and circle rng just goes completely against your favor, you lose a teammate or two during rotations, and you hit final circles with 10+ teams still up. Progression is less of a plateau of skill and more of a plateau of design. To me, it feels like skill gets somewhat taken out of the equation at this point of the season in high ranked lobbies, leading so many people at that rank to plateau at diamond 4 and make no progression.

I hope they make a design change and move away from a system catering towards a campy style of play from the majority of the playerbase. This game is fun because it's fast paced high action, the current ranked point system forces so many people to do the opposite and it takes out all the fun imo. And if they don't, I highly suggest grinding ranked super early on in the season if you want to hit predator because the wall only gets steeper as the good players get there, especially since the predators won't have their lobbies filled out and will be match made with you (and they can just go out and slay without worrying about points). I have come across so many players who are definitely good enough to be predators who are sitting at diamond 4 because they refuse to camp. They'll have a great match and get 12 pts and then turn around and get nothing off rip (loot pool is atrocious too, it is forsure significantly worse than pubs) and lose 2/3 or all of those points in the next few matches simply because they got unlucky with loot on landing and died because of it.

Respawn, please reward us for playing the game as it clearly was meant to be played. I'm so sick of people sitting in corners hoping not to be seen, going for placement over actually playing. It simply is not fun to get into the final circles and have every single team zoning a spot on the map.

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