Ranked point distribution is anti-teamwork

Can we talk about how flawed the ranked points are distributed and how the system is anti-teamwork? I had games where random teammates just abandon me if I got killed when we're fighting another squad and don't even bother getting my banner nor respawning me. Literally everyone is just playing ranked for the TOP 10/5/3 RP awards by hiding instead of playing as a team.

RP should be given when you:

  • Deal a set amount of damage – 1 RP for 1k damage / 3 RP for 2k damage / 5 RP for 3k damage
  • Getting a kill assist – 1 RP per assist
  • Retrieve a teammate's banner – 1 RP per teammate
  • Respawn a teammate – 1 RP per teammate
  • Winning with a full squad – 3 RP

RP distribution should prioritize teamwork over kills. I think this would also lessen the toxicity and help promote sportsmanlike behavior knowing they would get RP by being a team player.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cez7ab/ranked_point_distribution_is_antiteamwork/

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