Ranked problems and how to fix them

The way the game is currently working is the following: shorter queue times prevale over adequate matchmaking. Why is it that every single game I'm going the most damage and kills (significantly more than my teammates) ? Isn't SBMM supposed to work at least for ranked ? In the current system there are many people who reach level of Plat in ranked but have never watched a professional gameplay of Apex whether it is scrims or tourney or a streamer even. Here is how i suggest we can easily fix this:

– Solo queue unranked. For all the octane-minded players that want to drop on the 1st spot and run out in open fields chasing the sound of gunfights.

-30vs30 deathmatch – by enabling these 2 modes all of the above mentioned type players would be able to satisfy their urges to die with a mozambique and p2020 in hand 30 sec into the game, but dont worry – they will respawn instead of rejoining ranked queue.

-Divide ranked for solo queue players and premade parties. If you are only 2 – enjoy duos or normal game.

-Enable ranked for duos in case the people affected by the above point are complaining.

– Enable mute teammates while in game. Playing from Europe i am matched with Ahmed and his brother speaking arab. I dont mind this, but when i pointed out they can use discord to talk because i cant hear anything, they told me to mute them but the game was already started.

-Enable queue modifier – I would like the option to choose between "Predator" and "Stalker" teammates. Predator would match me with people who want to just jump into the fight straight away and shoot, while "Stalker" would only matchmake me with people who want to play the game for the last fight – when 6 different teams are positioned around the same house all waiting for the final showdown fight.

-Include educational gameplay footage as a part of the training ground. Feel free to contact Gnaske from GSD (EMEA winners from today) for his educational interactive youtube vids where he pauses and puts you in a position to decide what would be the optimal play – then you replay if you get it wrong, etc.

To all the community out there – feel free to add more suggestions.


a guy almost gaining a rank then losing it because of the above mentioned reasons

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/is75i2/ranked_problems_and_how_to_fix_them/

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