Ranked split promotes unhealthy gaming grind

So I'm pretty decent at this game, constantly getting top 5 and frequent wins in ranked. At least half of my game I am in the top 5. I don't grind or play all the time and managed to make it up to plat 4 pretty easily this season before the ranked split, but then when ranked split comes, I am put all the way back down to silver 2???

Ok, why do I need to climb nearly two entire tiers again in the middle of a season? What the hell? This entire ranked split system is terrible because it promotes grinding play and ranked is literally easier than casuals…. why is ranked easier than casuals? Why isn't my MMR split in casuals and I'm going up against preds and diamonds but in ranked I'm always versing noobs thanks to this lame ass split.

If I want to have a casual experience, I literally just go to ranked for that. I rack up wins and kills, rank up quick, but still dont manage to get to masters or diamond because I need to grind to do this??? I have a life, I dont want to grind one single video game in order to recieve my overdue ranking. Please fix this system. Maybe remove the split entirely. Ranked split does not promote healthy gaming.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/i8mqq6/ranked_split_promotes_unhealthy_gaming_grind/

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