Rant: Spam pinging your banner/beacon just makes sure that your teammates won’t revive you.

There are many reasons your teammates aren’t grabbing your banner or going for a revive at the current moment. Many times, a third party is inbound and/or they can’t get to your banner or a beacon at that moment. But rest assured, they will get it at one point or another.

But if you spam ping your banner, your teammates will most likely not revive you. Why? Because if you’re that impatient and want to be back in the game ASAP, then you’re probably not a good teammate to start. For me, spam pinging your banner or a beacon immediately results in muting your pings and you forfeiting your right to a Respawn. Not so much because of the pinging, but because I know that if someone is spam pinging their banner or a beacon, they’re not a good teammate that plays as a team. Rather, they only are concerned with their own selves wanting to be back in ASAP.

Your teammates will revive you when they get the chance. Be patient with them as they’re going to do their absolute best to make it happen.


  • This does not include toxic teammates that let you die so they can loot your box. Spam the garbage out of those people.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ce3d14/rant_spam_pinging_your_bannerbeacon_just_makes/

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