Really…. Really…

First off, let me preface this with: I completely take responsibility for my actions and I know no one forced me to spend $60 on Apex coins in order to open a few event packs to get the Path skin. I'm not blaming Respawn for this and I've always been in the boat of this is a free game and they do need to make their money somehow to pay for the man hours and resources it takes to keep this game running.


Two days after I spend money and getting skins and call cards I will never use, you can just buy the skin I gambled for? Really? From the beginning, I don't even think these skins should've been purchasable, I think they should have always been skill-earned, say, win 7 solo matches, but I also understand selling them. I'm not trying to start a riot, I simple want someone from Respawn to read this and pass it along so in the next event, if you're goal is to make money from the skins (which I understand,because it costs you guys money to make them along with all of the other free content), then just put them up for sale to begin with. Now I feel like the other $40 I spent was waisted instead of at least thinking, okay I was gambling it and I can accept that. However, now I just feel like a fool, which I see that I am as I should've just waited to see if you guys would put them up for direct purchase. Even if you just let us know at the beginning of the even that you guys would have done this,I would've been okay with that too and would've waited for my skin.

But thanks for your time reading this. Fellow redditors, please don't turn this into an uneducated feces fest.


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