Recolor Concept for older skins like Airship Assassin

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding whether certain recolor skins should come back into the store. Some say that the skins shouldn't and other that just want to do it. Personally, I want some to come back, but here's an idea. Have a special recolor shop that will show skins that were released in weeks that the player logged on. For example, if a player logged on when the Airship Assassin was released, but not when Bot of Gold was released, they would have the opportunity to buy Airship Assassin, but not Bot of Gold at a later date, and with a token mark-up (maybe 20-30%) so it doesn't seem as overpowered. That way, the OGs that were around during the release of the skin will be able to buy it now. Though, the limit should be within 3 weeks of the current recolor (you won't be able to buy the skins 3 weeks before, but they will slowly rotate into the recolor "buy-again" shop) and maybe a limit of 2 skins per week (not being able to buy everything you can, once again so it doesn't seen overpowered.) The flaw would be having to dig into game logs in order to know what skins to show available and how logs may be altered or deleted. I would like to see what other people think about this idea and if there may be a better alternative.

TL;DR: Create a recolor shop that will show only past recolors released when you logged on that week with a mark-up in tokens and a limit of 2 per week.


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