Reconnect does nothing, fix servers, sounds like a real solution.

Fix your damn servers it's been over a year and a half I'm tired of the random disconnects usually in ranked and when I'm kill leader or doing well, and now lately it won't let me reconnect at all sometimes I'll try a whole match one time I tried to reconnect four times with no success finally fifth time when I'm already dead but instead of sending me back to lobby loads me into the game and forces me to watch, from which then I have to leave, and the cherry on top? You still lose RP so we get punished still on top of being ripped from out game. This has been a problem from day one and the only one you truly don't awknowlege or even ignore. Great you can make all these fancy updates but yet you can't perform some server maintenance? Sounds like your team's just picky and choosy, instead of offering us your Band-Aid solution of a reconnect that hardly works and really does nothing unless your playing casual and fix the actual problem head on. Sad to see that you could put out a game and expect to do absolutely nothing for server maintenance.


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