Recycled Exclusive Skins

I’m sure this has been said before but reintroducing exclusive skins back into the store when they’ve already come and gone really makes them not that exclusive. Personally, I have exclusives for quite a few of my legends. For instance, I have had the orange and blue Current Champ skin on my Wattson for such a long time and I’ve seen very few people play Wattson with that skin since I got it. Now they’ve introduced it back into the store and I’m seeing more people with it. It’s really not that exclusive if you keep giving everyone the chance the get it. And I know there’s people who just started playing that would like to get some of the older exclusives that have already cycled through the store but I don’t think that’s how it should work. Honestly, should just call them seasonal skins instead of exclusive if they’re going to brought back multiple times.

Curious as to what your guys opinions are on this?


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