Red Replicator?

I was thinking about how the replicators are pretty cool but I often end up with a lot of materials with nothing to make, so I got curious about something..

What if there were a special replicator that dropped (make it rare, and/or obvious on the minimap when it's being used).

It could craft/do special stuff such as make any care package gun (like a R99, Kraber or Peacekeeper), reload care package guns (for less then the cost of crafting, and the cost could depend on current rounds), craft gold armor/backpack, have one big upgrade to red armor (cost depending on current armor level), or craft a vault key.

And maybe even have some special rotating slot that randomly offers Apex Coins (like 50 or 100, and super rare), Crafting Metal (again only like maybe 100) or Legend tokens (maybe even up to 500) for some crazy amount (like 400-500+ creating mats).

It obviously wouldn't/couldn't need to do all of these things, but any combination of them could be cool. Maybe even make it so that a vault key (or some other key) is needed to initially open one. The costs could all be balanced to make sure it's not disruptive.

How terrible is this idea? Thoughts?


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