Regarding incentives

I see a lot of people making the case that playing as a zombie in Shadowfall is pointless because there are no badges or achievements for it past a certain point. I guess my question here is whatever happened to playing a game for fun? It seems we have gotten so focused in on achievements and badges and other flair that we forgot the purpose of playing games, and that is to have fun.

I guess I don't get the whole toiling and grinding away for achievements if it takes away from the fun. That seems less like a game and more like a job, and who wants to do that? You got a badge? Okay great, so did 100 thousand other people, did you have fun? Gauging by all the kvetching on this forum, it seems like nobody is enjoying themselves.

You don't always have to win, you don't always have to get kudos or attaboys, you can do something for pure enjoyment and that be good enough. Call me boring, call me old, whatever, but I'd rather enjoy my time playing games versus raging and gnashing my teeth because I didn't get my 25th Legend survival badge.


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