Respawn can solve some of their data conundrums with a fresh LTM

Much has been made of Respawn’s data-driven approach to legend balance. The obvious challenge with this is adjusting for selection biases — high skill players are likely to gravitate toward certain legends. Unless they’re complete amateurs the analytics department almost certainly adjusts their encounter / team win rates to account for different player skill distributions. But even so, I question how much reliable data there is on good players playing Loba for example in the first place.

So, how about an LTM in which players are assigned a random legend (with some other twist to drive up interest). This should in theory yield plenty of unbiased data on how different legends fare both overall and across the skill spectrum. Plus it could be fun!

I’m prettttyy sure the one type of shield only LTMs a few months were also a test to adjust the game’s TTK (much to my chagrin but that’s another topic), so this wouldn’t necessarily be breaking any new ground.


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