Respawn, i’m trying to find out what do you want to do with your game ?

When i discovered Apex, back in April, i instantly loved it, because it's fast, the aggressive team possess an advantage, taking risk was oftenly worth it, and you get easily into close combat gameplay, it requires skill to maintain difference between player that plays a lot vs people that doesn't.

Wattson : give people ability to abuse camping and take position when it's supposed to be a fast paced FPS game.

Why add randomness in weapon pattern ? why making learnt skill used to nothing ? are you forced to punish people that took time to learn those because other doesn't ?

why add Charge Rifle ? i mean, in S2 Longbow was the most annoying weapon in the game, but at least requires skill, you must calculate the distance shot in order to make it and raise your aim to the bullet drop, it's hard to play, but Charge rifle Takes NO SKILL, it's instant shot, even if you miss the beam can do 15 damage, lot more dps than any other long range weapon, the nerf changed nothing about it.

the game is so cool, why you keep changing the meta like that ? and destroying what's fun ?


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