Respawn, PLEASE let me reconnect to ranked games!!!

My internet is unstable and sometimes goes down briefly while I am playing, but only like 20 seconds and then it comes back and if it's a normal game I can just get back into the game. BUT in ranked when that happens I can't reconnect and have to take the fucking penalty. I already get frustrated enough when that happens and my friends already stay mad, there's no need to make it worse than what already is. I understand that some people might use this to avoid the penalty. To avoid that my idea would be to make it so that you only take the penalty if you don't return until your team dies. That way I could happily get back into the games and people wouldn't be able to take advantage of it.

Please change this, hopefully I will get my net problem solved soon, but I can see something like this happening in different ways and some other few people might have similar problems.

I know this might not be doable right now, but it would be nice if it got changed eventually.


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