Respawn please stop releasing skins for the same guns

We're 3 seasons in now to Apex Legends and each season brings new skins for guns. Some are magnificent. Some are good. And some are… eh.

Each season also has events, some of which bring new skins. And a lot of these skins are very nice. I'm sure that most will agree the R301 skin from the Halloween event is one of the nicest blue tier skins in the entire game.

But I'm noticing that with each season (and a few of the events) that the skins are made for the same guns quite frequently. In season 2, the 1st level of the Battlepass gave a legendary Spitfire skin, and further down the Battlepass there was a blue skin

In last season's Solo Event, there was a legendary Alternator skin and in the recent Halloween event there is yet another legendary Alternator skin, and there is another Alternator skin at level 50 of the battlepass.

I'm not saying any of these skins are bad, far from it. But I'm not going to use them all because I'm just going to equip whichever happens to be my favourite one.

What I am saying is that we need a little bit of variation when it comes to skins in the battlepass and the various events that we have.


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