Respawn should add special badges for different legends for doing things related to the legend or with their abilities.

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but before I give examples on what this is, I will divulge into explaining this:Respawn should add more badges for specific Legends. As most of the current badges are over a year old or are unobtainable because they were from previous events, there should be more variety so that players can show off to their friends and be able to be more independent with their badges.

Note that any of these badges can be tiered.

Examples of this includes, but is not limited to:

Revive Specialist: Revive your teammates 6 times in a single game as Lifeline.

Eye in the Sky: Scan 15 enemies in a single game using Neurolink as Crypto.

Silent Thief: Steal 18 items in a single game between you and your teammates using Black Market Boutique as Loba. (The amount of items you pick up at once, such as 60 ammo or 4 Shield Cells) does not count. The amount of slots with items taken is what counts with this badge.)

The Bamboozle Expert: Bamboozle enemies 5 times in a single game using Mirage's Decoy.

Top Murderer: Finish 6 enemies in a single game as Revenant.

Fire Rush: Travel through the Flaming Ring in Gauntlet 100 times as Octane.

The Grappling Expert: Travel 50 meters at once using Pathfinder's Grappling Hook.

Stuck in the Void: Stay in the Void for a total of 300 seconds over time using Wraith. (Portals do not count. Using the Voidwalker or "Into the Void" ability counts.)

These are only a few examples I can think of. There are many more possibilites with this.


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