Respawn, your game is going to die if you continue at the pace you are on.

First of all I’d like to say they have created a wonderful concept and world. The controls, tactics, guns and many other things are great.

But Respawn is not giving us enough ways to enjoy their creation. The training grounds is a great start, but it’s not enough.

Everyone and their mother loved Duos, but now that it’s gone we are left waiting for a new mode. Why not listen to the community and implement it? Even if a lot of players did not enjoy it, then they still have the option of trios.

Now expand this to singles and you have something. More modes for content creators to work with, more publicity, more players, more purchases from your store. Then perhaps you could make the prices more reasonable and see more purchases, not just whales. The knee-jerk defense is that solos/duos will make trios less viable, but as a solo player I can say that dropping into a team match after a few solo rounds is refreshing. Then when shit goes sideways I can go back to solos instead of just closing the game.

Not to mention the obvious implementation of SBMM (what’s the point of ranked now?). It’s hypocritical and so confusing.

Respawn, I have friends dropping this game right and left which is a shame. The game is good, the engagement is not.


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