I know its only been a day so my ideas wont be taken very seriously, but I can already think if changes to Rampart that would keep her very viable & keep everyone in the game from camping.


  1. Passive: Honestly her passive isn’t too bad. Some may disagree considering the damage that can be done with her ability and a fully kitted Devotion or Spitfire. But reasonably, it is only with those two guns so I would hardly say its overpowered.

  2. Tactical: A wall that provides cover from the enemy while allowing you to fire bullets at increased damage per rounds sounds a bit unfair. It may only be a small increase but the damage add up per shot & with the TTK changes (Time-to-kill), the damage add up rather quickly.

I suggest that the wall should simply allow you to return fire to the enemy without overcharging damage BUT it should be something instantly placed down to allow for solid cover if the player needs it while out in the open. However the damage it could take before being destroyed would be reduced. Therefore players cannot remain behind the wall for long as it should be used for more of a tactical advantage.

  1. Ultimate: I messed around with Shiela in the Firing Range and found that she can do over 2000 damage in one sitting. (If you think I’m lying, go check it out yourself). For something to have such a large magazine size, infinite ammo, and a considerable range seems a bit too strong.

I suggest a change to make Shiela, instead of a mounted turret, a mounted sentry that can be picked up and used by Rampart ONLY. It could have much more used in both attack and defense. The defensive capability come in when locking down an area. Rampart could set the turret up to watch specific chokepoints and fire automatically when in line of the laser. This could set her up to be a solid, but less campy defensive legend.

Offensively, Rampart could pick up the turret and use it herself, while only being able to use her other weapons after the turret is placed down again. In the cases of Caustic, Revenant, Gibraltar, and even sometimes Bangalore, a well timed and well placed ultimate can wipe the enemy team out. Rampart’s ability isn’t very different and shouldn’t be. However, when Rampart is using it will have a good deal of recoil to keep it from being too powerful. Also, whether in Rampart’s use or as a sentry Shiela should have only 100 rounds before she cannot be used anymore.

Imagine being in an intense gunfight where one of your teammates is down. Shiela could be set to watch the door, with the line of fire being outlined by the laser. The enemy team would have to push at their own risk to stop Rampart from getting the revive, likely taking heavy machine gunfire in the process if they choose to.

I know it will be quite a while before Respawn even considers changes to Rampart considering she just came out. In fact, I’m willing to bet the devs made her broken on purpose at launch in order to stop the trend of new legends being initially popular, then having a low pick rate due to the legends abilities being underwhelming. This has been the case with many of the legends in the past few seasons, resulting in subsequent buffs for them. I think Respawn plans to nerf her after some time but would like players to enjoy her before a reasonable nerf that doesn’t severely tank her popularity.

Still I’d like to know what you think in the comments!


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