Revenant abilities

So I know there’s been leaks about Revenant’s ability kit, and I know that’s probably exactly what he’ll have. But let’s forget about that and create some ideas of our own.

I have been thinking about an ultimate ability involving shadows. What if he could resurrect killed foes while they’re bodies (not death boxes, actual bodies) are still on the ground? They’d turn into shadows with, let’s say, 50 health and 25 melee attack damage. I’m not sure how balanced this would be, I’m not exactly an expert, but the way I see it, they’re not too dangerous to be overpowered but not too weak to be ignored. Also, it’d be interesting to see an ultimate that, instead of helping you before or during a fight, helps you after one. What do y’all think?

As a side note, you know how legends have quotes when using their ults? Things like “Breathe it in” or “I bathe in the bloth”. I think Revenant’s line “Oh you’re far from done” would go nicely with this ult idea


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