Revenant Passive Buff?

I feel like I’m gonna become the melee guy for posting about a sword and then this but I really would like to see Revenant get a melee boost included in his passive.

It blows my mind they don’t have this already when he shows off that sick hand knife so much, and the way he was advertised really led me and many others to believe he’d be a melee assassin archetype.

Additionally I think it would be kind of boring to just have the knife hand as an heirloom when there’s already better options for that, such as his razor or even the glass shard fashioned into a knife!

Personally what I’d like to see is massive melee boost on a backstab, maybe three or even four times melee boost to crack shields on someone unsuspecting, a buff like that would fit his style more and work better than a smaller constant buff that just makes him waaaaay stronger in early fights which is sure to be controversial.

Whether or not it’s a buff he needs is beyond me, it’s just a buff I personally really really want.


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