RNG Hop Up solution

Ever run around the map to never find the hop up you need? Well the solution would be to group and condense hop ups.

Non toggle hop up

Skull Piercer = Anvil Reciever = Turbo Charger = Disruptor Round = Hammerpoint


Toggle hop ups

Select Reciever = Precision Choke = Double Tap Trigger

This way there would be less hop ups being passed over.

I added Precision Choke to toggle hop ups because I believe that it should be an option on the Triple Take for up close or long range encounters. I also added Hopups out of rotation though they may or may not have needed a rework

By condensing the hop ups it would allow for the Devs to add new things without the fear of clogging the RNG and having to remove things.

I understand this is not perfect and would like to read all of your ideas!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hua5r4/rng_hop_up_solution/

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