SBMM Explanation?

Ok I really need an explanation for SBMM

Me and my friends are playing, first 2 games are going good, no wins

3rd game we get second place and lose to better players, all good

Next game, 2 apex predators, all level 500. We get destroyed by fellow level 500 – 300.

I just don’t understand, me and my friends have been dealing with this for weeks no and we can’t enjoy the game. We’re all levels 51, 83, and I’m 154. I don’t think we should be getting predator lobbies in pubs, right?

I want to play Apex, me and my fiends agree it’s the best battle royal we’ve played. Balanced weapons and the team play is amazing. Then only roadblock is the SBMM, it’s awful and just takes the fun out of the game.

SBMM shouldn’t be removed, just worked on. SBMM should be putting me up against players my skill level, not players who are better then me, I’m getting destroyed and I can’t do anything. If we win 1 game it’s the same thing.

Please fix, <3


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