SBMM for my teammates?

I’ve posted this before but I thought I should do it again because this game is not in a good state. So, basically you can determine through SBMM how I aim, move or whatever to match me against similar skilled players. Hmm, okay. So why can’t you do that with my teammates? This is a team-based game is it not? So why can’t you use that system to put competent players on my team more often than not?

Majority of players don’t play the game the way you’re intending with SBMM. What I mean by that is a lot of people don’t have pre-made teams. Most people play solo. So instead of giving us competent players to play this team-based game and have it be enjoyable, you pin us against enemies with similar skills and teammates who I constantly wonder how they ended up in my lobby. Does this logic make sense to anyone else?

The hardcore fans (people who consistently play the game and spend money) are getting hosed by this and the players who won’t stick around for the long haul are getting the royale treatment. The game is imploding but congrats on multiplayer game of the year. I think we can all say that 2019 was not the most stellar year for gaming given the fact that a free-to-play game won multiplayer GOTY.


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