SBMM just doesn’t work

How am I, an total 2,000 kill player lvl 158 being put up against 40,000 kill preds with two other people who are also preds, each with the 20 kill and 4K damage badge. Just because I do slightly good and get 5 kills doesn’t mean I have a full premade squad who has been playing every day since launch.

Seriously they need to change it in some way, people will say that’s it been in the game since launch, but there hasn’t been 2,000,000 masters and preds since launch.

They just need to give everyone a number, like average their games played, kills, wins, and level and boom you have a player number, mine is around 1,000, so i should be paired up with people with a skill number varying by 300, so if I have a skill number of 5,000, I will get paired up with people between 4,700-5,300. Simple as that. It won’t even affect older players as there is enough of them that the wait for a game wouldn’t be bad.


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