Season 2 feels like a huge disappointment to me and I’m not having the fun I had before

  • Ranked is a total sweat fest and basically unplayable if you have an aggressive play style. Engaging in a battle will result in you getting third partied every time. Every. Time.
  • The new map changes are almost entirely for the worse. Never thought I’d say this but they managed to make bridges even more horrible. They destroyed it. Literally. Cascades and the area up the hill next to it feel less “organic” as well.
  • P2020 and Alternator are stupidly overpowered and there’s no way to deny this. You are running at a disadvantage if you’re not using this game in the endgame. This isn’t balanced.
  • The 15% less damage for characters X and 5% more damage for characters Y situation is absolutely unacceptable for a multiplayer shooter. It’s super random and the classic “fixing a problem with another problem” approach.
  • The server performance on PS4 is hilariously bad. 7 out of 10 times, searching for a game will result in an error. This has barely, if ever, happened during season 1.

I’m sure that most of y’all won’t agree with me but I could definitely tell the immense drop in terms of fun I’ve had playing this game compared to season 1 and I’d love it to be different but Idk what to do really. It went from being awesome to super frustrating and I don’t enjoy it at all anymore. Does anyone feel the same?


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