Season 2 Theory

Okay, everyone first of all if you aren't aware this is 100% a theory and nothing is confirmed simply speculation, okay now time to explain what i was thinking about for the past few hours.

Season 2 is the big reveal because it'll be the season when Wattson comes out but hold on wasn't Wattson supposed to come out sometime in season 1? For that reason I believe there will be 2 legends coming out for season 2 Wattson and some random legend, why do I think this you may ask, well it's simple Wattson was basically finished when Shroud played the characters it's been 3 months after release I'm sure they finished it before hand, and is ready for release and since it was supposed to come in the middle of Season 1, this has me to believe there is another legend who is being finished before the release of Season 2, who is this legend I believe may come out? Who knows but I'm 65% sure that 2 legends will be released in Season 2.

Others may argue that the other legends files are still early in development but, it doesn't mean they won't be updated incredibly before the end of Season 1 we have a month left remember.

But remember it's just a theory a game theory!


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