Season 3 is almost over season 4 will determine if Apex lives or dies

Season 3 is almost over and with all the controversy that's been going on I believe that Apex Legends as a game is at a cross roads.

Whether you left the game or are still playing, the majority of us love the game albeit a love-hate relationship For some of us.

For players like myself who absolutely loved the game and played it exclusively, the latest controversies has made me leave the game because I'm no longer having any fun playing with buddies.

No amount of content will bring me back, the only thing that will bring me back is if they fix some of the fundamental problems that plague this game.

I do marketing for a living, and one of the things I tell brands is you need to know your identity you need to live it, breath it, sleep it, etc.

Apex as a brand came out and introduced fast pace br that its players loved. Over time the development team forgot what made Apex players love the game and they tried to change the identity into more of a camping/sniping game, when that's not what the players were there for. If that's the kind of players they are looking to attract than the original core of players needs to be swept out.

I believe the only way Apex Legends survives is if they listen to the playerbase and keep their brand identity, fast, competitive, and rewarding.


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