Season 5 Mirage Buff Thoughts

This season gave Mirage a much needed buff. Mirage in the past was fun, but he became weaker and weaker as players started to slowly stop falling for bamboozles. Mirage is pretty good this season; the mirage passive is great, and the tactical is amazing. My only problem is with the ultimate. Mirage's ultimate can be good, but if you heal or pull out a gun, you stand out among your decoys. I think that this is somewhat fair, because if the decoys mimicked healing, then you would literally be able to heal right in front of your enemies. Not pulling out a weapon is where I have a small issue. I think that the ultimate decoys should pull out weapons, the tactical decoy already does this. The only other issue is that when you initially use your ultimate you turn invisible for a short amount of time, however, your hologram technology on your arms glows a bright blue that makes it easy to track where Mirage is moving and makes beaming him out amongst the other decoys crazy easy. I think that the ultimate decoys should hold weapons just like the tactical decoy, and that the blue glow should be removed when he is ulting.

I have downed a lot of Mirage's who ult and think that they cannot be traced to a certain decoy. I think that this fix would help him to bamboozle much more. Thoughts?

:Ultimate decoys now mimic gun holding, ADSing, and holstering

:Limbs no longer glow blue while initiating ultimate

As always, I do not aim to start any wars in the comments. If you disagree you these suggestions please tell me why.


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