Season 5 Rewards

Hey everyone,

I thought it'd be fun to speculate on the theme and (legendary) content of the upcoming BattlePass so I went back over all prior BPs and compiled them into a single picture:

Season Reward Comparison

This should give us a starting point for picking out patterns and/or eliminating legends. Some numbers and observations:

Current BP Structure:

  • 3 Rare skins + 1 legendary gun on purchase
  • 2 legendary skins (+1 tick)
  • 2 legendary guns skins for maxing


  • Rare skin recipients:
    • 2x: Mirage, Lifeline, Path
    • 1x: Gibby, Bang, Wraith, Crypto, Bloodhound, Octane
    • 0x: Rev, Wattson, Caustic

  • Legendary Skin recipients:
    • 2x: Wraith
    • 1x: Octane, Pathy, Caustic, Lifeline, Wattson
    • 0x: Bang, Crypto, Bloodhound, Gibby, Rev, Mirage

  • Legendary Gun Skins
    • Reactive: Havoc, R-301, Peacekeeper, Flatline
    • Starter: R-301, Spitfire, Longbow, R-99


  1. New legend has never received a skin in their inaugural season.
  2. They seem to split the gun skins up by ammo type and rotate (stands for season-to-season and intra-season rewards).
  3. No real tie between legends and season theme (e.g. Bloodhound not emphasized in Wild Frontier).
  4. Now that the pool of weapons and legends is larger they don't duplicate ammo type or legends season-over-season or intra-season (starter vs BP completion)

My guesses:

Theme: Regal (Loba is a classy thief)

3 Rare skins:

  • Won't be: Crypto, Lifeline, Path
  • Will be: Caustic, Rev, Gibby

Legendary Skins:

  • Won't be: Wraith, Wattson, Lifeline, Path, Caustic, Octane
  • Will be: Bang, Crypto

Legendary Guns:

  • Won't be: Havoc, R-301, Peacekeeper, Flatline, R-99, Spitfire, Longbow
  • Will be: Triple take (starter), G7 (Completion)

That's everything. Hopefully this will help pass the time until the drop – happy speculating!


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