Season 6, a Season 0 casual players opinion on the current changes.


TLDR; i have great respect for Respawn for their continued efforts on apex and although to many the game may feel unbalanced or fundamentally changed. Remember that its early season and patches will come. Please be patient, adapt to the times and focus on the positives of the season!

Background (feel free to skip): i have played since season 0 and moved to PC in season 1. But overall i have a KD of 0.87 this is due to the fact i play this game for FUN. mostly solo i love the feel of the guns, the abilities, and most of all the movement. I tried to do the ranked thing in season 3 and got to platinum. But i just mainly play solos.

In this new season there are so many good things that are being overshadowed by two changes that seem to have OUTRAGED this community; Gun changes (specifically devotion) and The DREADED TTK.

But before I would like to say that this season makes the game feel new again and as a long time player I am already in love. The crafting is a great addition to the maps. Adding diversity to the weapon pool on the floor but also the dynamic of play, creating smaller zones of combat around the map as teams fight over the gun of the day. The new areas and additions to old make the map feel in theme for both the season and the Titanfall series. Finally its nice to see a character come out without it feeling under-powered and unsatisfying *cough* Loba *cough*

Gun changes-

The removal of the r99 from floor loot was one of the best things that Respawn has done for this game since launch, it has added variety to the game i have never seen before. now the main debate. The Devotion. when it comes to weapons this season i think the three most powerful weapons ( not from the package) are the Volt, Devotion and Triple take. All of these are in line for a nerf. I don't think that the addition of the Devotion is a problem however it can be frustrating being pushed by a whole squad with fully kitted Devotions.

The triple take will most likely have its mag size reduced as currently its silly.

The volt will probably receive a similar treatment with an inevitable spray pattern change next season.

The devotion, i don't know… maybe damage reduction, maybe mag size, possibly a max fire rate reduction. who knows?

But for now remember its only week 1 in the season. People wanna use the new gun, and a gun that they haven't seen on the floor for a while. I also think this devotion issue has been exaggerated by the crafting terminal spitting out the devotion and turbo this early in the season. So for now hold on, play smart, grab a Devo and join the chaos.

The TTK "issue":

Respawn stated in the patch notes "Our goal for this is to bring down the TTK (time to kill) a bit in order to better reward strategic positioning."

This i agree with.

For a long time i have lived by this rule: Ring > Damage > Kills, and so i had the jump on players. but time and time again i would die to r99 and another weapon. Running any long ranged weapon was an effort in futility, Break shield, wait for them to battery rinse and repeat. And any Fortified character with a red evo was like fighting a mini boss. In this new season with less armor, strategic plays are more rewarding, Long ranged weapons are viable (although they where good in other seasons) and finally gun choice feels more balanced. Now anyone can kill anyone with any gun. I have seen and been killed by almost every gun so far this season, though i will admit the volt is the most used (new gun). What this TTK change does mean however is that running headlong into your enemies solo is much less viable. But playing with your team (i play duos with a friend sometimes) and communicating can be Highly rewarding.

Thanks for reading! xx

Feel free to argue with me in the comments.


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