Should *Do [X] on certain place on the map* objectives be removed from the BP?

imo, they are tedious and annoying to do. Especially if you always jump in desert or wood parts of the map because you love fighting and looting there.

I never jump to a certain spot because of the BP. So up until now, i see it catching up to me because i don't complete them and refuse to go X and COD style kill 4 people and walk out. It'll be a miracle if i jump towards X and even find 2+ people let alone on several locations. Cause these challenges always go with 4+ bullets of needing to complete the challenge on X location after you multi killed in all those other generic and trash locations nobody ever fights or rather flees cause, were playing BR, positioning is everything. Staying in one spot waiting to kill people is just regular TDM gameplay..

What do you guys think? I'm way ahead on schedule with the BP and leveling goes way better than last season so its not that big of a deal. But the location challenges are boring and you don't even need to do them in order to complete the entire BP. They might as well make a more fun challenge.


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