Should there be an incentive to using finishers?

I just had a random thought and wanted your opinions on it. I thought that finishers should have some sort of benefit to using. Most people opt to go with the method of just killing their opponent off when they are down by just shooting them, making finishers more of a high risk move to do.

What if by using a finisher, the person who you finished is permanently removed from the game and cannot be respawned.

Or, if someone finishes you, then the time limit to retrieve the beacon is less than the time it takes to retrieve if they had just shot you while being down.

Or even a playlist where kind that the person who is down must be executed to die, and damage otherwise doesn't work. Kind of how the execution playlist is in Gears of War.

I don't expect anyone to agree with this, but I was just curious what you all felt like if this was implemented.


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