Simple things that it’ll take to bring me back to Apex

I've got over 1400 hours in apex, and absolutely loved this game from the day of release. But changes made to the game have made me hate logging on, and forced me to find fun grinding elsewhere (Valorant for now). I really want to have fun in Apex again, but there are some serious issues that just make it feel pointless, especially as someone who solo-queues most of the time. The game simply doesn't reward skilled players like it did in season 1. Not everything here would be necessary for me to have fun, but they're nice to haves at least.

  • bring back bunny-hopping (and other easy to learn skills that actually let good players differentiate themselves from great players)
  • bring back rewarding guns like peace-keeper to ground loot
  • make the mastiff feel more responsive (idk if it's slow bullet movement, or a lag between when you fire and when it shoots, but the gun feels like walking through mud)
  • FIX BUGS, I've had that invisible UI bug occasionally for quite a time now, and the main menu constantly bugs out on me
  • clean up and de-clutter the main menu
  • nerf easy to use guns (if PK is brought back to ground loot, it might need a nerf too), specifically I'm talking about the ridiculously easy recoil on the volt, and other guns that take zero skill to get huge rewards (devo might fall into this category too, but devo is pretty easy to outskill, unlike volt which will melt you in 5 bullets from 50m away by babby holding m1, and not moving his mouse at all because the recoil is so easy).
  • delet the crafting system (it slows down gameplay, and is all-round a strange distraction. It's a BR after all, not a looter shooter).
  • please remove ziplines from floor to cabins in train-yard (idc about this one really, but I spent so long learning to climb up there without zip, and now I just can't sneak up on them anymore)

I know no-one cares about my opinion, but I've spent a fair bit of money on skins, and bought every battle-pass EXCEPT for season 6, so here are the reasons why I won't buy anything anymore until the game is fun again. They've constantly made changes to satisfy the casuals AS WELL as implement MMR, is ludicrous. The result is that it is extremely difficult to differentiate yourself at high rank, and forces 3-stack hand-holding every single game. Streamers left because they couldn't fight back against easy to use guns without proper teamwork. They felt that they couldn't improve anymore than they have at the game, because the developers are forcibly removing their ability to do so. And once streamers leave, casuals leave too. By catering to casuals, you aren't helping them have fun, you're removing their ability actually improve at the game, whilst alienating your most devout, hardcore fans. I'm okay with MMR, but catering entirely to casuals makes no sense, and is killing this game.

Also, thank you for not removing wall-jumping.


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