Skill/ level based match making at lower levels?

So, I've played apex since launch on my Xbox one and have been trash most of the time. Still loved every match however. I am around level 55 or something on Xbox now with about 100 kills with bloodhound.

Recently I have switched to playing on our PS4 as my other half has taken a liking to playing on the Xbox one. (Frustrating as I bought the battle pass on Xbox and it's not transferable, but that's a different story)

So I start playing and notice I'm being put in games with champions who are pretty low level and very few kills. Great I thought, as I can get some practice in and get slightly better. Bearing in mind on Xbox all matches have players with 3k kill champions. Other the last few days I have gotten around 7 wins with 10/11 kills per win. Now this is great fun for me obviously but it is such a noticeable difference from playing on the Xbox! I'm now level 12 pathfinder with 73 kills.

To be honest I think this is a great as I never knew it was level based match making! Makes the progression to the higher levels a lot more fun. Another huge plus for apex!(not trying to brag but I didn't know how to explain my point without mentioning what I am experiencing.)


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