Skins are overpriced??

Guys if you don't understand that skins are only here to support the creators and that you dont need them all to be better at their game then i think its time for you guys to go outside and get off you're lazy ass .

I feel like most of the people crying that the skins are too expensives are kids from this new generation where everything is given to them for free.

Take this as an exemple:
You go shopping and you find a 👕 that you love from a brand that you also love allot. You really want to have this shirt but its 80 or 90$. Will you buy it?? Its a shirt its not worth this ridiculus price. Are you offended? Will you go cry to the brand that their shirt are too expensive?? Unless you're are really comfortable with money you might just pass on it. THEN WHY NOT DO THE SAME WITH CRYPTOSKINS??

The main goal of theses skins is to support the company not for your personnal swag…

Some of you guys are now addicted to buying skins and i dont have source from this but i know for sure its a thing. And now that its too expensive for your wallet you get offended….. But think about this also:

Game creators.
Their goal: create a good game so the layers love the game and stay tune on the game.They create good content of the game. This season is amazing and its just the beginning. And all this for free. For god damn free.

Skins creators: Their goals isnt to make every players happy. Its to make money$$$$. And believe me if they're not making enough money with the skins they will,maybe , lower their prices. But this wont happend since allot of people can affort to pay 100 maybe 500$ or even more for theses.

Skins are a bonus if you can affort it. Its not included in the game.

So please grow up a bit and stop crying about it and juat enjoy this very good game that is given to you for FREEE.


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