So like whats the big deal?

Now I know that I'm a sweaty wraith main or whatever so my opinion wont count but, I'm sort of tired of hearing all the complaints about pathfinders grapple nerf i get that the time was doubled but i mean it put it in line with other escape abilities and everyone talks about how now its the outlier since wraiths is on a 25 second cool down but it also got some major downsides now, like a longer animation and speed reduction at the start, now sure you get invulnerability for 4 seconds but you know whats stronger than invulnerability for 4 seconds, invulnerability from being on top of a building where you can heal and reload wile they have to climb up to you. not to mention everyone who is complaining about the grapple obviously doesn't know anything about the game because his passive is still one of the best and his ult is god damn near OP. and sure you can say about how wraiths is better because you are invulnerable while in the portal but the thing is path can shoot his to where he wants to go, wraith has to run her portal to where she wants to go, and has to be able to get to where she wants it, meanwhile path can launch his to damn near anywhere, so overall i think his nerf was necessary to help other characters shine like octane because why play the speedster fast character when path was just faster and better, why play crypto the recon character for scouting ahead, when you can use pathfinder who can see the next zone and be faster than the speed demon, why use wraith for team mobility when you can use pathfinder who has better information then the scouting character and better mobility than wraith and the speedster combined and can also get themselves and their team to spot in accessible to other heroes entirely, so the nerf was necessary so stop crying, but if you have a valid argument point i would love to hear it


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