So this is just a discussion so it would be good to get some constructive criticism.

So I think it would be cool to have the turbo charger back in the game, for the havoc and the alternator, now this would of course mean that the base guns would have to be nerfed a bit to compensate, like the havoc before the devotion became a care package weapon. The havoc would also have the same recoil as it has now and without the turbo charger, it would have slightly worse recoil and spread accordingly with it. The alternator would probably get a base nerf of slower shots, but the lateral spread would be slightly better, now, with the turbo charger, it would also speed up faster than the havoc because of the mag size, and the lateral spread would also get worse, but probably not by much.

It would also be cool to see a Loba change(again this is a discussion, if you think it is too op tell me) throwing the bracelet with the new Loba would create a kind of aoe of teleporting for Loba, with the cost of the animation taking a while longer, it would be cool if the aoe was just smaller than a Gibraltar dome and would transport friends, foes, knocked people and maybe even death boxes.

Those are just some ideas that I had, and I’m loving the new season regardless of what happens.


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