So we got loba trailer . What do you think about her for tournament/high ranked lobies

My opinion-from what we see in trailer I think there is going to be significant drop in wraith/pathfinder select rate and loba is going to be in casual lobbies and low ranked for sure with very high select rate like path/wraith

Note-I am assuming she is not given low profile(which she definetly does not need) and has atleast 2 charges on tactical

But what about high competitve play

TBH I don't see her replacing wraith/wattson/gibby or wraith/wattson/path combo and the reason are-:

1)She could not teleport teammates and wraith might still be must pick becos she help full team in rotation

2)Obviously she can't replace wattson if the survival points remain same in tournament(12(1),9(2),7(3),5(4),4(5),3(6,7)…)

3)Pathfinder-Personally I think giving 2 items to a team cannot be traded with getting next ring location so no hope to replace path for me

4)Gibby-Now gibby takes lots of damage and provide fast heal support but I think she has 5-10% chance of replacing gibby but definetly not more than it.

It is just my guess and I wan't to know (if only you have idea about high ranked/tournaments) from you that what legend could she replace more than 50% chance for you and if you think she can work with other legend like caustic/crypto and make a new combo choose 6th option and write in comment

Also-Don't assume leak class passive coming for sure(Btw if they come I assume crypto will replace lots of path)

Thank you-

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