Solos in Apex

I know Respawn has said that they won't be adding solos because "it isn't healthy for the game," (whatever that means) but considering the amount of times I've CONSECUTIVELY joined lobbies where my random teammates have been disconnected they might as well have. I'm tired of breaking my back every bloody game just trying to make it to top 5 while my teammate is two towns away still looting the first enemies we killed. I'm also tired of receiving curses and death-wishes from that same teammate who gets rolled by a full 3 man because his head is stuck in a death box.
Respawn, as a Titanfall 2 player I have the highest respect for your studio and have bought every battlepass for Apex. I know it won't be easy, but until solos are added I won't be purchasing anymore cosmetic items, which is a shame because they're awesome and it's my only way of financially supporting you.
May the Allfather grace you all


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