Solos would only help this game, change my mind

Before starting let me already say I understand that solos will (unfortunately) not be coming to this game any time soon as confirmed by a Dev a while ago this is just me I guess venting my frustration regarding the decision.

The reason I feel solos will help the game is because it'll reduce the amount of randoms in trios breaking away from you just so they can land far away by themselves, die and insta quit leaving your team handicapped.

A lot of people say solos won't work in the game because legends have specific abilities that work well in a team etc but honestly I don't see the problem with just letting us play solo and letting us choose whichever legend we want. Majority of legends in this game can easily be played as if you're a solo even if it's designed to be for a team for example:
wraith phase/portal
Gibraltar shield/ult
Octane stim/jump pad
Loba teleport/shop
Bangalore smoke/ult and so on

As you can see a majority of characters can easily be played without you having to have a team to make use of the abilities probably the only character I'd say would be useless in solos might be lifeline? But even then her ult and D.O.C can easily be used just to benefit her and still make her a viable character

Also I remember before solos was released a lot of people were like you'll only see pathfinder and wraith but from my personal experience that was not the case I saw a variety of different legends being used even mirage when he was practically useless and I myself used multiple different legends such as Gibraltar so I don't understand this argument that only a select few legends will be picked

On top of that recently it's become so frustrating having to pay trios or duos when my friends aren't able to come on because as much as I really want to play this amazing game I don't want to be teamed with people who don't want to work with me as a unit and it's has frustrating when half the people you are matched with don't have a mic, are loot goblins, insta quit after being downed etc

When solos was out I loved playing this game so much I was on it way more than usual because I could play it alone when my mates weren't online and I could play trios when they were I even got so many of my friends back into this game by telling them to try solos and see how much better it is when you don't have to rely on sbmm to find you decent teammates.

People almost complained of teaming this again is another thing I'd like to debate because when I played solos and I played a hell of a lot I didn't come across one person teaming however now on trios or duos I've come across them plenty times so this clearly isn't a game mode issue but more of just idiotic players who are too scared to just accept they're not good enough to fight by themselves so they need to team with others. This will happen in all game modes unless respawn themselves do something about it and should not be given as a reason as to why solos aren't healthy for the game

Finally I just don't get why it's not an available option. Almost every BR has a solos mode and it would just be so good to know that when I'm having a bad time with Randoms and my friends aren't able to come on I can just jump into quick games of solos for as long as I want and not have a reason to blame anyone else but myself for poor decisions or deaths etc

That's pretty much all I've got to say take it as a little rant if you will since I know we don't be getting solos I'll also gladly be willing to discuss why solos would be a problem if anyone here feels they can make valid points towards that argument


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